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What Happens at Meetings
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A Friendly Bunch

We are a bunch of normal everyday men and women who have, or have had, major issues with marijuana. We have real first hand experience of smoking weed and what it takes to either quit take back control of your life. We offer real help, tips and advice on how to quit the weed.

We take a non-judgemental approach to helping you, we don't go around the table expecting you to confess to your addiction. We know that already: because you are sat at the table.

If you want to talk about yourself, then do so. If you want to keep quiet and see what others have to say, then do so.

If you have decided that you want to give up, or just explore the idea: we can talk. Come and listen to someone say how they feel so much more clear headed, in a way that he/she did not think they would feel until they had become clean.

You are still smoking pot, not quite sure if you want to stop — not a poblem. Come and have a chat anyway.

12 STEPS, We do not follow the 12 steps as do a lot of drug/drink recovery groups. It does work for some people, but our group believes that you have the problem and that you can take back control (with a little help).

Friends and Partners too

You are welcome to bring a non dope puffing friend, relation or partner along to a meeting so they can learn to understand the mind-set of the smoker, what they are going through and the steps that we can put into place to help.

Other Substances

Some people have used, or still use, other substances as well as cannabis, eg: cocaine and alcohol. We won't judge you, what we will do is try to help you get off those as well.

This could be alcohol, it could be cocaine, it could be something else. We won't judge you.

Sometimes a non smoker will attend meetings by themselves.

Helping the Group

Most people use the group to take back control then leave and get on with their lives. Some get off and realise they could help others, if this sounds like you come along and have a chat.

Helping others helps some people. It doesn't help everyone.

The most important thing is to get clean and sober.